"Шпациранє по Вселени"

(in progress)

Wanting to create something special resonated with me for quite a long time, and then one day I realized what it is. A book! And not any kind a book, an Illustrated Astronomy book for kids - in Rusyn language.

You see, I'm Rusyn. Rusyns, or more precisely Pannonian Rusyns are a national minority. There is around (at best) 30K Rusyns in the world. I'm coming from a small vilage Ruski Kerestur, Serbia. Ruski Kerestur is the cultural centre of the Pannonian Rusyns with population of ~5K. To my knowledge, I'm the only Pannonian Rusyn with a PhD in Astrophysics! Knowing that Astronomy books don't exists in my native language, I decided to write AND illustrate one.

Working title is "Шпациранє по Вселени", which means 'Walking through the Universe'. Idea is to write up short stories and poetry about our Universe, enriched with illustrations.

Some of my digital drawings

  • Solar Eclipse
  • Solar Eclipse
  • Saturn
  • Saturn.